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Gai Hetzroni

Founder & CEO

For nearly 30 years Gai served various roles in the High Tech Industry, from Software Engineering Manager, Operation Manager to Corporate Social Responsibility Manager.
In 2008 Gai started Cisco Outsourcing operation to Palestinian Software Companies and lead Cisco Impact investment programs for Capacity Building, Economic Development and Job Creation in the Palestinian Authority.

“At a time when many companies color West Bank red on their maps as an economic ‘no-go zone’,Cisco saw an opportunity. Cisco’s leadership has inspired other high tech companies to recognize that the West Bank is open for business.”
– Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State

In 2010 Gai co-founded Ma’antech, a Cisco and President Peres initiative to integrate Israeli Arabs into the High Tech industry. As the Managing Director of Ma’antech Gai established a coalition of over than 50 High Tech companies (Including IBM, Intel, HP, Microsoft, SAP, eBay, Apple) and is leading the activities of participating NGOs. Since Ma’antech launched, the number of Arab engineers in the High Tech industry grew from 340 to about 2,000.
In his role as Cisco Networking Academy Manager, Gai initiaited a $1M program to enhance the ICT education in high schools and a special chapter for Ultra Orthodox, providing an affordable toward-a-job training.
Gai serves in several steering committees and governmental cross sectors round tables
Gai is leading a new effort to create a large scale near shore software outsourcing of highly skilled programmers at a very competitive price.
Gai has a BA in Computer Science from the Technion.