We offer consulting and mentorship services on the following topics (not limited to):

Working with Palestinian High-Tech Vendors

We are familiar with the Palestinian High Tech sector inside out and work with Palestinian Software companies for years so we can help you find the right vendor that you’re looking for.

The story not ends there, we can guid you navigate your way through the bureaucracy of applying for permits, paperwork with the banks and the tax authorities. 

You may find some other issues during your work, sometimes some mentoring and support along the way can be very helpful.

Our Founder and CEO start his way working with Palestinian Software Outsourcing vendors back in 2008 when he was assigned to build the first ever Cisco outsourcing in the West Bank.   Cisco was a pioneering company start working directly with companies from Ramallah.

Business Development for Palestinian Companies with the Israeli/International Market

Finding leads in the Israeli High Tech, opening doors. We are an integral part of the Israeli High-Tech sector, familiar with the market needs and trends in the market so we can help you growing your business and connections.

Preparing diverse groups for working in an international organization

Integrating Diverse cultural groups into the organisation

We bring the experience of Ma’antech initiative sponsored by Cisco and President Peres to accelerate the integration of the Israeli Arabs to the High Tech sector. Our CEO was part of the founding team and served as the Executive Director of Ma’antech from 2011 until the end of 2015. Working together with different NGOs and with the 50 software companies, the Ma’antech coalition,  we became experts on the subject while developing toolkits for both sides (candidates vs corporations) to bridge the gap.

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