Palestinian Freelancers

Palestinian Freelancer Developers

There are more and more Freelancers in the Palestinian Territories, some of them are exactly what you’e looking for. There is a verity of skills out there and we’re here to help you allocate your software developers.

How does it work:

You will submit the job request to us: title, skills and experience you require, and a short description of the job.

We will publish the job in our bulletin board and will send the incoming CVs to you after minimal filtering.

You’ll run your selection process (we can help you set up interview calls) and come to an agreement with the freelancer about the payment terms.

The payments will be done though GeoFree Software, This is a service we provide to facilitate your payment, as GeoFree Software is an Israeli entity, the procedure is very simple. 


A Submission Fee for each job you submit.

A set-up fee for every freelancer you start working with

A percentage of every payment you make to a Freelancer + VAT.

Contact us to get a quote.

Note, we’re not responsible for the quality and any other aspect of the delivery of the freelancer.

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