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We Provide First Class Developers

Team Augmentation

Extend your team with remote engineers who are not part of your organization; together we’ll define the best mixture of seniorities in the team to ensure cost effectiveness. You can have Full Time developers or on Hourly basis.

Product Development

From idea to product, Full Development Cycle. Let us know your need, we’ll define, design, develop, test and maintain the software for you

Development Team

Teams for specific, well defined, tasks: we’ll assemble the team and develop the software components as you defined, we’ll take care of the unit testing and perform the integration testing of our modules.

Independent Developers

Assign highly skilled Individual developers on monthly or hourly basis to develop modules for you, provide answers to customer needs, bug fixing or whatever need you might have.

Our Technologies


All major Web Development Technologies, Full Stack: Front-End and Back-End, Linux, SaaS, Ajax, HTML5, Flash, HTTP, WordPress, XML, FB, Google, Angular, React


All major Cloud services including AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack etc…


Native Android and IOS Development


Automation & Manual testing, test coverage analysis, report, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Test Cases Development, Mobile Testing

Other Technologies

Data, Data Analysis, Arabic content

Why GeoFree Software


We focus on Quality, Schedule and Budget in our delivery. This is the recipe for being Cost Effective “you are the most cost effective vendor I ever had” said Guy Meger, VP R&D at ErlySense. 

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Cost Competitive

Our prices are competitive in comparison to all outsourcing destinations. And with the right mixture of seniorities in the team we can find the optimum for the client to drive efficient delivery in budget while do not compromise the quality.


Our teams are located just next door: 45 minutes away from Tel-Aviv.

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