Our teams are located just next door: 45 minutes away from Tel-Aviv.

You Get:

  • Israel Time Zone
  • Flexible Work Week: Sun-Thu or Mon-Fri
  • No overseas travel cost
  • One day (or less) advance notice to come to your office

Our Enginers are located in the West Bank. 

Here are some facts you may be interested to know:

There are about 2500 graduates every year who complete High Tech related studies (Computed Science, Electrical Engineering etc.) Some study in the local univeristies and some are studying abroad (Europe, USA, Jordan etc…). There are few dozens of Software Companies in the West Bank and many free lancers. 

High Bandwidth Internet is available in all the major cities. Electricity is as stable as in Israel (nothing in comparison to many places in India)

The official currencies in the WB are Shakels, US dollars, and Jordanian Dinnars

Palestinians working in High Tech can get permits to enter Israel from the Israel Defence Office. They are vetted and once confirmed, they are getting multiple entries permits for several months. This procedure BTW is managed entirely by GeoFree Software for the Engineers working for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Palestinian High Tech employees are known for their loyalty, they do not tend to replace their job places as often as in the Israeli or the international high tech. (nothing to compare with India)

The Palestinian Hi Tech employees are eager to prove that they can and that they are good as anyone else, so they try harder. And the benefit is all yours.

If a Palestinian employee is unhappy with their compensations or work conditions, they will discuss it rather than just disappear or open an “Italian strike”.

English. This is the language both sides knows well. If you’re asking about the communication means: Phone, Video conference, emails, text (WhatsApp) etc.

10 days is the time it takes to the Israeli Defence Office to make the vetting and prepare the permits. The permits are usually  valid for 6 months multiple entries.

Once they have Visa for the destination country they can travel through Ben-Gurion airport or through Jordan to any destination in the world, this of course include countries that citizens of Israel can only dream of (e.g., Gulf Countries)

Our 10 years of experience working with Palestinians shows that no security event, war or political turbulences effect the work efficiency. Politics remains outside the door. It is important for them to show, especially in difficult times, how stable they are and working with them has no risk at all. Since they are working from the offices in the West Bank, even in the few occasions that the checkpoints are closed, it does not effect the work nor the communication.

Yes ! not many wish to do so, but GeoFree Software reps are traveling to the West Bank with the appropriate approval (for every entrance) from the Israeli Defence Office. We can arrange you a visit with all the necessary paperwork.

Yes, they take their laptops home and hold a wide band connection at home.