Company that dares

Congratulations to Eyal Waldman and Mellanox  for an amazing Exit announced yesterday

Of Eyal’s many achievements I want to discuss one today: 

Eyal made Mellanox the biggest outsourcer in Israel to a Palestinian company. Mellanox started outsourcing to Asal Technologies in 2010 and today they hire over than 100 people in the West Bank and Gaza. 

It is not obvious, not only they were one of the pioneers (follow Cisco and very few others) but Eyal made sure that this outsourcing is published and highly visible (e.g., Israel’s Mellanox Technologies hires Gazan programmers). This is of an enormous importance because it brings the subject to the awareness of the public.

The long term relationship brings additional values beyond the obvious economic benefit to both parties:

  • Recognition and Validation for the Palestinian High Tech.
  • More jobs (The High Tech Jobs Multiplier: on every engineer in the High Tech there are at least 2-3 new jobs in the surrounding circles (see the Business Insider or the Bay Area Council Tech Report: cleaning, lawyers, food, transportation, teachers etc.) ) so it improves the general economic situation.
  • It provides fresh graduates with an opportunity to experience working for an international company, with international standards and High Tech culture, it makes the sector more and more cosmopolitan with up to date practices.

Those additional values that Mellanox and other pioneering companies bring have an enormous effect on the entire Palestinian economy,  and with that it increases the stability in the region and brings hope.

New jobs in an international High Tech company has a Snowball Effect, the engineers that experience working in international companies effect the younger generation, the education system, it influences the working culture to become more global. It has a ripple effect and arm the entire sector with better opportunities to compete in the global market.

Great Job Eyal !